Kia Ora and welcome to my blog!

I’m Denise and I work as a producer/reporter in Wellington, New Zealand.

I’m a self-confessed beer geek, and have tried the beer blog thing before. Unfortunately, updates became few and far between when I started journalism school in 2009, and stopped altogether when I became a real-life journalist.

So instead of starting up again on the same site, which is now looking quite tired, I’m just starting afresh, new name and all.

The idea is not just to write about individual beers, but also breweries, brewers, brewing, styles, ingredients, marketing, bars and whatever else might come up.

My old posts are still there, so do check them out if you’re curious.

I also co-wrote the beer column for the student magazine Salient in 2010 if you want to read something sightly more recent from me.

Though I’m a journalist by day (and quite frequently night too, actually), everything written in this blog is my own opinion, written from my own research and experiences.

I hope you enjoy!


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